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INSERTING a blob (wav-file) can get it back the same...
User & Date: anonymous 2018-02-08 18:39:42

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    The following table: localDB:exec( [[ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS soundcache ( filename TEXT PRIMARY KEY, -- access path ISOtime TEXT, -- time format for If-Modified-Since wav BLOB ) -- the content. ]] ) The following insert: stat = localDB:prepare( "INSERT OR REPLACE INTO soundcache (filename,ISOtime,wav) ".. "VALUES (?,?,?)") stat:bind(1,filename) stat:bind(2,isotime) Note("bind="..stat:bind_blob(3,body)) rc = stat:step() if rc == sqlite3.DONE then stat:finalize() localDB:close() -- close it -- other operations... end -- if and so on. -- retreival: stat = localDB:prepare( "SELECT wav FROM soundcache WHERE filename = ?") --> returns 0 (sqlite3.OK) stat:bind(1,filename) stat:step() body = stat:get_value(0)

    I assume the error is happening with the bind_blob, as the different retreival methods are showing a different, shorter result then the original insert.

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    INSERTING a blob (wav-file) can get it back the same...

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